Lavender Spritz

Lavender Spritz

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Lavender hydrosol is an excellent daily skin care treatment for any skin type. It is cooling for eczema + regenerative for fragile and damaged skin, it has anti-inflammatory and bacterial properties which can help reduce inflammation + redness.

Cleansing and refreshing, this versatile product can be used as;

  • add to masks  
  • after shaving to prevent inflammation and ingrown hairs
  • as a facial toner for tightening and smoothing out fine lines 
  • spray to set make-up
  • safe to use on infants as a room spray for calming sleep or on a cloth for a healthy alternative to baby wipes
  • an after-sun spray to soothe sunburn


Spritz directly on skin, in-room, or on a pillow as desired.


Lavender hydrosol, Amethyst crystals